Tarot by Thomas

Create the Life You Really Want and Deserve
Greetings Everyone,

In times of turmoil and uncertainty, everyone is looking for answers. And the times we are entering a may well be the most uncertain of our lives.

Answers are to be found, but not necessarily with the leaders in government or the scientific establishment. The most powerful, useful answers lie within. And THAT is what Tarot is all about.

I’ve been a Tarot reader for a very long, long time. I’ve traveled the world and done readings for all sorts of people. In recent years, I’ve chosen to read for only a few regular clients so I could pursue other interests. But the situation now presenting itself is not one that any self-respecting reader can ignore. Many of you need people with my level of training and experience. Now more than ever.

Thus I’ve decided to take on new clients and help them map a way through this most difficult time. And to make it easier for those of you who would like to give me a try, I’ve decided to cut the fee for my regular readings in half. Instead of the usual US$150 per hour for a reading, I will be charging only US$75 from now until the end of April. This price applies to new or returning clients.

So if you would like a reading, please contact me through my web site to schedule a time. All readings are done over the phone. Please include your birthday (month and day only, NOT the year) in the body of your message. Payment will be made via credit card or PayPal at the start of the appointment.

Keep optimistic, be kind to each other, and know that all crises pass and eventually are done. Everyone has enormous strength to accomplish great things. The only challenge is to tap into it.

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